3 Benefits of Pond and Lake Aeration

Residential ponds and lakes add beauty to properties, attract wildlife and often become centers for summer fun. However, they need maintenance in order for the water to stay healthy and for aquatic life to thrive. Complete care differs from case to case and some water features need professional analysis to correct issues. However, just adding aeration systems provide big improvements. Aerators increase oxygen, destratify lakes or ponds and create healthier water.

Aerating Water Improves its Quality

There are a variety of aeration systems for ponds and lakes, but they all essentially look like fountains while operating. Suppliers offer submersible and floating systems. Both operate by circulating water and spraying it into the air. In the process pollutants such as noxious gases are released while oxygen is introduced into the water. As the process repeats itself, algae is pulled from surfaces and driven into deeper areas, where it starves without sunlight. The pH levels stabilize while carbon dioxide and alkalinity are reduced.

An Aerator Can Destratify Water Features

Temperature changes affect water by causing yearly thermal stratification. A thermally stratified lake or pond includes layers that are different temperatures. They are warmer on the surface and cooler in deeper areas. Since that can affect fish and other life, it is best to destratify, or mix layers. Aerating systems do that automatically when they circulate water. As air sprays into the air all layers combine, creating a more consistent temperature.

Aquatic Life Thrives in Aerated Water

Life in a pond or lake is an entire eco system that depends on plant and animal life remaining healthy. However, without help water tends to become stagnant, develop algae and become inhospitable to most aquatic life. Aeration can correct these problems. It creates healthier temperatures and introduces healthy oxygen that fish need to grow and thrive. Increased oxygen also leads to more robust plant life, which ensures there is plenty of food for fish.

Homeowners with ponds and lakes on their properties generally use aerating systems to circulate water and introduce oxygen into it. The equipment also releases pollutants and destratifies water features. Aerated ponds are cleaner, healthier and make ideal homes for aquatic life.