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Red Light Therapy: 5 Advantages of This Procedure

Red light therapy also called the cold laser therapy uses red light wavelengths that penetrate the underlying tissues to induce different effects. This therapy is known for its ability to treat various conditions. The conditions may be skin related or even other types of diseases such as arthritis. A lot of people use the red light therapy because it has no adverse side effects. Outlined below are five health advantages of using red light therapy.

Enhances Wound Healing
Studies show that this kind of therapy is effective at healing wounds that are often caused by different conditions. Research was carried out, and it indicated that red light therapy effectively healed wounds that were caused by oral surgery. Moreover, it can also treat foot ulcers which are usually caused by diabetes. Hence, red light therapy is effective at wound treatment.

Heals the Skin
Red light therapy can also deal with skin related conditions. You can rejuvenate your skin by using this form of therapy to deal with wrinkles and scars. In addition to this, it causes an increase in collagen levels which is good for the skin. After a short time, one begins to experience a difference on their skin as a result of the therapy.

Helps to Relieve Pain
Red light therapy can also help to relieve pain. The therapy works on individuals who experience intense pain as a result of a spinal code injury or even chemotherapy. Pain relief was noted in a study that was done on patients who tried out the red light therapy after chemotherapy.

Effective Way of Preventing Hair Loss
Another benefit of red light therapy is that it has the ability to reverse hair loss and balding. Using this kind of therapy can help you to make sure that your hair is thick and dense as well. As a result, you will end up having stronger hair that grows quickly. In a research study that was carried out, all the participants who had helmets that emitted the light experienced change within a few weeks. The people who were struggling with being bald showed that there was growth which was experienced and for those who experienced hair loss, their hair became stronger.

Helps to Increase Circulation
To sum up, red light therapy is amazing at enhancing blood flow. When the light is allowed to penetrate the skin, new capillaries are formed. This helps to increase circulation. An increase in blood circulation is useful because it gives the body more stamina and engaging in physical activities becomes easier.

From all the factors mentioned above, using red light therapy is actually beneficial.

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